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Welcome to the 2021 Cancer Challenge hosted by Sweet Potato 3. I have done this for many years and it is an absolute honor to be a part of the event! Get the hat pattern free in exchange for a pledge to donate/gift one to someone on their journey with cancer!

Download the pattern TODAY! October 20, 2021. Code is CANCERCHALLENGE Enter that BEFORE checking out and make sure the total reads zero and that you are signed into your Ravelry account before completing. Thank you!

Link to pattern:


Please respect the copyright even if you got it during the event for free, thank you!

Image shows woman in a mustard yellow 1920s style cloche hat with floral detail in an outdoor environment and she is peering through a vintage magnifying glass.

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This hat is worked in bulky weight yarn and US terms. You can sub in two strands of worsted held together and after matching gauge, get similar results. Harkening to the 20s this beautiful cloche with lush floral details is a romantic beauty! Rated confident beginner or just into intermediate, the skills needed are single crochet, half double crochet, back loop stitches, and crab stitch though the last could be omitted so don’t let that hold you back!

Image shows mustard yellow cloche style hat on a wood background with floral details and an asymmetical brim.

This year’s hat is dedicated to by friend Shawna Dandois of DandoisLion DeLights and is currently on her journey with breast cancer. Yes, the hat is not pink, but she is an amazing human and I wanted to honor her and ask for prayers, universal love, and healing for her. Thank you it is my absolute honor to be a part of this event.

So much Love,
Stephanie Pokorny/Crochetverse


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