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Would you like to see all the designs published by Stephanie Pokorny, the designer behind Crochetverse? Hope over to:


  1. Love your work!
    Do you or will you have a pattern for the Predator costumes? Do you have back views of the heads?

    • He will not be made into a pattern, I am sorry! The costume is 360 in detail, the back of the head is as you would imagine. I use an open back with buttons to get in and out of the costumes!

  2. U gotta make a pattern for predator!!! U r sooooooo amazingly talented n so many r asking.please dont hold it truly r freaking awesome!!!!!!!

  3. I totally LOVE the alien costume. I love dressing up and crochet so this is perfect. Going to replicate it into a full adult version. What type of yarn do you use? Is it coron, also is it a suite in one piece?

    • That can be found by coming here to then in the search box, search for sunshine blanket
      It is free

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