Blank Canvas Onesie Crochet Pattern Release – Be ANYTHING you can dream!


Welcome! I was flabbergasted, bamboozled, sideswiped, and tickled at the AMAZING reception to my ET Costume I made this year for my son for Halloween!

He was seen on almost every Facebook group and news site I could imagine, and I really couldn’t believe it..Huffington Post, Martha Stewart on FB, Oprah on FB, and Fox News to name a few! Here is my baby in his costume, made in just 3 days with 10 bucks of yarn!

Crochet ET costume

Long story..short, he was freehanded and made using no pattern, in addition to him being a copyrighted item; which made lots of crochet people and customers let out a collective, “SIGH!”

So, of course, I had to come up with a way to let all of you create your own amazing crochet “Humangurumi”…. humans + amigurumi = HUMANGURUMI. My new fancy/lame word for yarn bombing your loved ones!

Quick Link here to Ravelry, but SCROLL down to be floored by tester projects, too!

And Etsy here (But don’t miss out on the other projects down below!)



FRET NOT! This is made using worsted weight yarn held double stranded and a Q hook.

Every sample you see here was made in less than a week and that is with all my kids home with me! It goes so much faster than you’d think!

Here is my personalized sample in 0/3 months as rocked by my Vintage Kewpie doll, whom I love and adore! She is made with (1) jumbo skein of Red Heart Super Saver. I made toes and fingers using big bobble stitches, a belly button using a simple circle, and ears that are triangles. Her hair is made from Lion Brand HomeTown USA and I simply brushed it out with a pet brush of all things! This took me ONE day to make.




Here is a sample in size 6/8 Youth and I literally gasped when my tester showed me!

She used Red Heart Super Save in Pretty in Pink as her base. I mean…come on…how amazing did she do?! I was actually kinda jealous I didn’t come up with the idea…ha!!



Here is another one! PAW PATROL! My testers literally blew me away with these customizations! I am so happy!



Here is another! This adorableness is 18/24 months and made for a little man named Graham and she called him “Teddy Graham!” How cute is that?! And the 0/3 month sample is for a tiny teddy to be born soon <3



The pattern comes to you:

In sizes 0/3 months to Men’s XL. YES!! All those sizes, really!!!!! ALL OF THEM LOL

Opens in the back to keep the front clutter free for your choices of embellishments

Closes with a zipper, buttons, or ties…YOUR CHOICE!

Completely customizable arm and leg length, so you can make shorts, pants, or anywhere in between!

From time to time, you can expect a free pattern for SOME sort of embellishment to head your way, up first are these ELF/FAIRY ears, that can be found here: ‎


I am so excited to share this with you and really cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Again, grab your copy on Ravelry here:

and Etsy here:



Much Love & Yarn,


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