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Welcome to the Info & Supply Post 


I thought it would be nice to work along for Christmas to learn and enjoy. Can’t join now? No worries, it will remain free and posted once we are done so you may jump in at any time!

What is a crochet along? In short, the pattern will be released for free on the blog here in two parts.  I hope you can join us!




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This post tells you what you need to get prepared. The list is short so I very much look forward to a fast project with you! (See Below)

I try to make my ragdolls in the fewest pieces possible with the smallest amount of sewing as possible. I strive to help you IMPRESS WITHOUT THE STRESS! Ha ha!

The great thing is you can make it any gender, skin tone, and eye color you wish. I know that is important to a lot of children so I love that about hand crafted gifts <3 You can use him in the tradition of Elf on the Shelf too! We use ours to do silly things, motivate for good behavior, bring small treats, and give us tasks on how we can do nice things for others! My children love love our Elf!

This baby makes the SIXTH free ragdoll I have done! I have a piggy, elephant, penguin, dinosaur, and narwhal! So much cuteness! <3

You can find them here on the blog under “free patterns”!

You can store in your library and <3 them on Raverly, too at


– worsted weight yarn in the following colors and appoximate amounts, swap any color you like to meet your preferences!

Red: about 100 yards

White, Peach, Medium Brown: less than 40 yards each

Blue and Black: 5 yards

– size G(4mm) crochet hook USED FOR ALL BUT EYES

– size B(2.25mm) crochet hook USED ONLY FOR EYES

– small amount stuffing of your choice

– needle for ends and sewing features, stitch marker, scissors

– smidge of actual makeup blush if wish to “pink” the cheeks a little


Gauge is not critical BUT you MUST crochet very tightly. You do not want holes in your ragdolls or amigurumi. I tend to crochet very tightly so you MAY have to drop a hook size from mine to get nice tight stitches.


About 9” wide mitten to mitten and about 15.5” tall hat tip to toes



That’s all you need. Now, be sure you join the Cal Crochet Along Group and follow my Facebook page at  and watch for the release of Part One on November 28, 2017!




Please post projects and questions to any of the social media sites below, and/or email me at [email protected]

Much Love and Yarn, Stephanie

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