Santa’s Belt Oversized Earwarmer Free Crochet Pattern


I saw someone wearing and oversized earwarmer, like a headwrap almost, and I fell in love. And being the holiday season, of COURSE I had to go Santa.

Red with white trim and black belt with a golden buckle is evoked in this headwrap! Enjoy the free pattern from me to you, I completed it in less than an hour!

Please note: I have created this free crochet pattern from myself to you. It is NOT to be copied and pasted and shared through documents or print. It is NOT to be saved and sold ever. It is NOT to be changed a little or a lot and claimed as your own for free or paid. Please and thank you so much! If there is any questions, please just shoot me a message via Facebook (link at bottom of page) Thank you so much!


  • Size J crochet hook -OR- size needed to obtain gauge
  • scissors, tape measure, tapestry needle
  • 75 yards worsted weight yarn in red
  • 25 yards each in white, black, and yellow
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Gauge: I tend to crochet somewhat tightly, you will want to check your gauge so it fits right. I also know headwear is a very personal preference. I prefer mine to start out snug, as crochet stretches a LOT and I hate when it stretches too big so I always start small. I have an average adult sized head of just under 22″.

1st four rows of pattern = about 1.25″ tall and about 18″ long, about 4 ” less than my head circumference, it stretches perfectly at this size.

Finished Size: UNSTRETCHED about 6″ tall and 18″ long before seaming


Row 1: With red, make a chainless half double crochet foundation row of 62 sts:

Note: If you do not start with the chainless foundation row, your 3rd loop will be BEHIND the st and not in front as the pictures below will show.

Here is a video link showing the chainless foundation, it is life changing, I recommend you learn it! Video done by Gleeful Things, a maker I admire!

Row 2-3: ch 1 (does not count as st), turn, hdc in the THIRD LOOP of each hdc across. (62) (see photos)

Note: If you do NOT start with a chainless foundation row, your 3rd loop will be behind the row, like this video shows by Heart Hook Home:

If you do start with chainless foundation row, it is the same loop but it presents itself from the front, which I HIGHLY prefer. this image shows the 3rd loop when you begin with chainless foundation row:

This image shows the 3rd loops marked with a line, note when starting with chainless foundation, they are across the front, super cool:

Row 4: ch 1, turn, hdc in each 3rd loop across, at final yarn over/pull through of final st, change to black and drop red. (62)

Row 5-6: ch 1, turn, hdc in each 3rd loop, at final st of row 6, pull red back up and change to red, cut black. (62)

Row 7-10: ch 1, turn, hdc in each 3rd loop, at end of row 10, drop red and change to white. (62)

Row 11-13: ch 1, turn, hdc in each 3rd loop across, at end of row 13, pull red back up and change to red, cut white. (62)

Row 14-19: ch 1, turn, hdc in each 3rd loop across, at end of row 19, cut yarn leaving long tail to seam shut. (62)

Weave in ends except long last tail of red. Choose which side you like better of the band, using the red tail sew the short ends together. It does not have to be perfect, it will be covered by the yellow band. It may look small to you, but I promise it is right once you stretch it on your head!

With yellow held DOUBLE STRAND, chain 18:

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across. (17)

Row 2: ch 1, turn, sc in each st across. (17)

Row 3: ch 1, turn, sc in 1st 2 sts, dc bobble in nxt st )by making 4 partial dc in the same st, then yarning over and drawing through all loops on the hook to close the bobble, then ch-1 to complete), *sc in nxt 2 sts, dc bobble in nxt st, repeat from three times more, sc in last 2 sts.

Row 4: ch 1, turn, sc in each sc and bobble across, be sure you do NOT work 2 sts in each bobble the ch-1 to close it does not count as a st. (17)

Row 5: ch 1, turn, sc in each st across, cut yarn leaving tail to seam to hat. (17)

Using the tail from the small yellow band, cinch up the main headband along the seam, wrap the small band around the seam of the main headband and sew the short ends together from behind. Sew through the band and main band a few times too so it does not slide left or right. That is it! Enjoy this Santa (headband, baby!

So much love, Stephanie Pokorny/Crochetverse

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