My AllAboutAmi Cabled Hat!


My favorite hat ever ever.

I wanted to share this because I am so in love with the results! I used the All About Ami pattern, and made a few tweaks. The pattern is so graciously offered free and one I truly enjoyed making! The original pattern is property of All About Ami and I am linking you to it below so you can head over to her blog and make your own!

Here is the link to her pattern (see below for the few things I did to tweak it to my liking!)

I used Knitpicks Wool of the Andes worsted weight in Semolina. I used almost all of 2 balls. (No affiliation, but here is the link to that! It is not scratchy to me!

  1. Increased ribbing to 15 sts and worked for 80 rows, using a 4.5mm hook.
  2. Worked in pattern repeat as shown for 5 repeats. I then went through one more 3 round repeat cable, 1st round as written, 2nd round I decreased the 6 sts between the cables to 3 sts, 3rd rounds of the repeat I decreased the 4 sts of the cable to 2. I then sewed the remaining hole shut with the end tail.
  3. Here is an image of how to make the pom pom! I can get about FIFTY from 1/4 yard and that cost me only 6.50. That’s about 13 cents per faux fur pom pom! What?!

I plan to hand wash this baby to preserve both the fur and the yarn!

This is the first I have done with this amazing pattern, but certainly not the last!

Much Love and Yarn,


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    • Can you tell me which part you are on? It’s been a while since i have done this, but when I noted for a decrease, I worked two stitches together, so if the stitches were cabled, I decreased in a cabled fashion. Meaning, I worked the first cable stitch (front post) until I was the final yarn over away from completing it, then I went to the next stitch and performed that stitch until I was one step away from completing it. I then yarn over and go through all the loops of both stitches still on the hook to make both into one. Does that help?

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