Splendor Circle Coat – New Pattern!


Welcome to my newest baby, The Splendor Circle Coat!

This beautiful crochet colorwork garment is sized for XS-3X and will complement nearly any body shape as you can just wrap to fit your own lovely curves! Bonus: The XS nicely fits a Girl’s 14-16 too!

Bonus #2? I’ve managed to get the pieced look, but developed a new way to achieve that, so nearly the whole thing (except the center motif) is MADE IN ONE PIECE! Minimal sewing <3


Want to make this CROCHET DREAM?

Grab your pattern copy here (on sale through 12/3/17!)

Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/splendor-circle-coat

Etsy: http://goo.gl/18oeRC

(The Etsy link is directly to Etsy, I used a link shortener as the Etsy links are very long!)


I’ve always adored upcycled maching sewn clothing artists, such as Katwise and Enlightend Playtpus and all the others, but sewing has escaped me completely, so I drew inspiration from that pieced look and combined it with a a crochet circle style coat to bring you this!

The pattern uses basic stitches, mostly hdc. Some back loop and front loops are used as well. This pattern is rated as an INTERMEDIATE pattern. While none of the actual stitches are difficult, you will need to carefully follow along a pattern that includes sizing.

A G hook is used for all sizes, but the XS which uses an E. You will need to adjust this based on your gauge check though as needed!

If you know anything about me, I am ALWAYS here to help, answer questions, and offer advice. Just send a message <3

There are 30 pages of fully tested image rich instruction for this pattern. There are notes throughout for suggestions if you like to customize as well.

Copyright Info: You may certainly sell anything that YOU, the original pattern purchaser, make with your own two hands. No contract labor or mass productions permitted. I do ask that you create your own item to represent your work for sale, OR when sharing my images you link to my pattern and do NOT alter the image in any manner. By purchasing, you understand this is your personal copy, which you may not share or lend to anyone. Instead, please do share the link to this page so each may grab their own. This allows me to continue to offer patterns to you and is so appreciated! Thank you so very much! <3

Much Love and Yarn,


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  1. That Circle Coat is just AMAZING! You are soooo talented and wow…the work you put into everything like the kids costumes. Very seriously creative and talented!

    • It is very hard to state that because almost no one makes the same size and color scheme as the samples. That is why total yardage is given for each size. With that being said, I used 4 of the main colors, 2-3 of the second most prominent color (I think it was the taupe), then 2 each of the remaining colors for the smallest size shown in the image. Thank you!

  2. I’m having a problem with the FULL SPOKE PANELS, I can’t get it to match the measurements. Are the measurements correct? 10.75 ins long by 8.5 ins wide? I’m not getting it, mine is wider at the bottom and shorter. 10 ins tall and 9ins wide. I’ve changed hooks, made it looser, and made it tighter.

    • Hi Sandra! I can help. There are tons of variables and I can help you sort out which is causing you trouble. It can be as simple as we measured a but differently or your yarn is thicker or thinner. Can you please message me on my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/crochetverse and we can get this solved!

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