The Garden Party Rebel Jacket – Tips & Tricks in Action!


Welcome to “The Garden Party Rebel Jacket”

For this, I have PURPOSEFULLY thrown caution to the wind and IGNORED most of the things I have stressed to you that you MUST do for the Garden Party Jacket Crochet Along!                                   OHHH, she’s a wild one..hold your hats!

To see the original and participate in the crochet along, visit:

Garden Party Jacket Info Post HERE!



I’m not saying that YOU should ignore the pattern, don’t get me wrong! Rather, I am showing you that if something doesn’t quite work how you hoped…all is not lost by a long shot!

I have had many people message me asking: “Is this ok?”, “Why does it look different?”, “My budget doesn’t allow me to buy the yarn weight, what can I do?”, “I am apple shaped and like this but cannot wear that style!” ….the list goes on and on.

This got me to thinking, I truly feel there are no mistakes in art, and although my Rebel Jacket isn’t perfectly identical, it’s quite beautiful and I plan to wear this just as much as my original! So, take a deep breath, crochet, make art, and be proud!

Now, I am going to list all the things I did “wrong”… and how I used the information in the Tips & Tricks Post HERE to make the jacket work for me 🙂


  • I used worsed worsted weight/size 4 yarn (Caron Simply Soft in Robin’s Egg) and mixed it with another yarn (Red Heart Unforgettable in Parrot, which despite being marked worsted, is quite a bit thinner) …GASP! You can’t do that lady. Oh, yes I can 😉        (TIP USED: Used multiple hook sizes to help the yarns appear similar)
  • Next, I ignored gauge for the most part and made all my pieces using an I hook for the Unforgettable and an F hook for the Caron Simply Soft…woah,woah…easy now…but I didn’t stop there!                                                                                                 (TIP USED: Changed hooks midway through square because I felt it was getting too big, also replaced the last 3 rounds with hdc in place of the dc)
  • Then, I didn’t block a gosh darn thing before assembly. zilch. zero. zip. nada.           (TIP USED: I blocked the entire garment AFTER assembly!)
  • I seamed the sides up more for a smaller arm opening because…..                                (TIP USED: Altered the distance of the side seam for larger/smaller arm opening)
  • I made it TWO sizes TOO BIG!                                                                              (TIP USED: To raise the 8 Small Square Strip, I seamed a few rows where the two medium and large panels met at the neck)
  • (TIP USED: I wove my ribbon in and out of the spaces in all the small squares so I could cinch it up some as it was too big 🙂 )
  • And finally, I eliminated the peplum ENTIRELY

I’m calling it a success…let me know on the Facebook page what you think!

Much Love & Yarn,


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  1. Thank you for your good tips. I was thinking for using different kind of yarns, I wasn’t sure, you gave me confidence and thank you for this. <3

    • You’re so welcome! Once you understand the way it goes together, the customization possibilities are limitless!

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