New Serged Dream Coat Pattern!



This beyond stunning garment is NOT your average crochet; NINE months in the making, & over 185 hours of editing!! Designed to mimic those work of art reclaimed sweater coats for a whimsical fairy feel!

No sewing, but for one tiny seam at hood! I’ve creating a crochet join technique that mimics serger seams! Sized for bust 36-46″/waist 30-40″ & has 32 pages of the most complete amount of info I think you can expect to find in a pattern w/ photos galore! There is even a “coloring page” to plan your color scheme! Tested by my pickiest tester’s, I stand behind it’s quality.¬†

Edited to Add!: Katwise and her upcycled sweaters were a great part of the inspiration for this crocheted jacket! I was unsure if stating her name outright was the proper thing to do as I didn’t want to imply that I was affiliated with her art in anything beyond inspiration! I sadly do not sew, so do not own any of her patterns. BUT, I spoke to someone who does own one of her patterns and they made aware that in her patterns, she does state she likes her name to be stated as credit for inspirations. So, knowing that is the preference I would like to do so! Her pieced sweaters are beyond amazing! But, I am sure you already know that! Check her out here:






Please post projects and questions to any of the social media sites below, and/or email me at [email protected]

Much Love and Yarn, Stephanie

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The information and photos in this posting are the sole copyrighted property of Crochetverse©2017. Please do not copy and paste any of the information contained within either electronically, verbally, or written in part or in whole. Instead, please share the DIRECT LINK to this posting only, and if you do, I thank you for sharing. You of course may sell anything you make from this pattern that you have made with your own two hands; no contract labor or mass productions are permitted. If you credit Crochetverse as the designer, that is greatly appreciated!


  1. The serged dream coat, is it possible to lengthen it? Like, make it knee length or more?
    Love the pattern btw! It’s sooo pretty! ?

    Xx Kim

    • Hi! I would love to see it longer and the pattern construction would definitely allow it! My only concern is that you would want to be cautious adding too much, because it is a jacket and the skirt is so full, it has a good amount of weight to it as is, so if you went a lot longer, it might sag or droop just to weight of the yarn iteself. But I do think a little more would be ok, thank you for asking!

  2. What kind/brand of yarn did you use ?
    I am wondering if a 4ply fingering weight self striping yarn would work such as wolltraum yarn

    • Hi! I would personally not recommend that yarn. It is so beautiful, I have used it often. This pattern uses a worsted weight yarn though, which is quite a lot thicker, so I do not think such a big difference in weight would translate well. With that being said, I know Wolltraum offers a 8ply (might be 10 ply), that is worsted weight and could be used. If you click on the Ravelry link, the listing will tell you the yardage and exactly what I used. You could also try something like Ice Favorite Magic by it is a nice slow self striping, not as much as Wolltraum, but beautiful none the less and the proper weight.

    • Hi! I am working on that in a testing now and plan to have the info for you in about 3 weeks. I am hoping to accomodate up to the 50″ bust you need. Thank you!

  3. Hi! I absolutely love this jacket! I was just wondering if you are thinking about making a child size version. My granddaughter would look adorable in it!

    • Hi Rose! Thank you! Actually, recently, the pattern has been added to and now includes the guidance to size it to bout a 6-10 using yarn and hook changes and up to a Woman’s 2X/3X using stitch changes! Hope that helps! If you go to my Facebook page at and look at my photos you can see the tester’s sample she created for her daughters!

  4. The pattern was spot on and it was enjoyable making this coat. It has been nice to have a pattern that is written correctly and the directions to follow it so awesome. thanks again Stephanie

    • Thank you so much, you are so kind and I appreciate you taking the time to comment that here! I hope you make many in the years to come!!

  5. Could this be made in a child size? How would one go about modifying measurements? I was hoping to ask a family member to make this for my daughter in a size 3T or 4T…? Please and thank you!

    • I am sorry the smallest it is written for at this time is the girls 10-14 with yarn change to fingering. You certainly could give it a go modifying but it would be quite a bit needed to achieve. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  6. I’m looking at the info for pattern.. it Durant look that difficult, yet I’m not at intermediate level. What, if anything, makes this difficult?

    • This has long long instructions. You create each piece and them assemble them like a puzzle, so while the stitching itself isn’t hard (mostly hdc) you have to really go slowly and step by step to follow along. I am confident it is well written but it is a long term project <3

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