New pattern! Rainbow Clown Collar/Wrislets Set! 4 sizes!


New Pattern – Quick Costume Collar and Wristlets Set!

In this pattern you will receive four sizes of BOTH the collar and the fingerless gloves/wristets!

I’ve done mine in…RAINBOWS OF COURSE!! The amount of love I have for my finished set is bigger than…well…a rainbow! Read on for tester samples and a few small freebies!



You can complete this in just a few days, but with MAJOR IMPACT! Handmade costumes are where it’s at for me, so I hope this pattern allows you, even with our busy lives, to create your own! *It’s on sale too! (1.00 off through 10/8/17 EST 11:59pm)

Get the pattern here:–fingerless-gloves

You can see from these amazing tester results, this pattern mixed with a little imagination, can bring you some WOW! results! Check them out and see the small FREE PATTERNS they created and allowed me to share!


Tester: Catherine/Harley Quinn

Catherine made her collar in the style of Harley Quinn. Making the plus version, she used a bit more than one skein of Caron Simply Soft in White. She then did her top shell edge in half black and half red. Each tip features a pom pom in black for half and red for the other half. So much love it!!!

Tester: Michelle/Grateful Dead Bear

Michelle created the teen/adult size in Caron Simply Soft in Royal Blue and added a white pony bead to each tip! She created a coordinating bear ear headband and has been gracious enough to allow me to share her pattern and method! (See below her photo!)

She first took an old basic headband and wrapped it with the yarn.

Using the F hook and the same Caron Simply Soft yarn in Royal Blue, begin with a magic circle, ch 1:

Worked in a spiral; do not join or turn the rounds.

Round 1: Make 10 sc in the ring.

Round 2: 2 sc in each sc around. (20 sc)

Round 3: (sc in the nxt sc, 2 sc in the nxt sc) repeating 10 times total. (30 sc)

Round 4: (sc in the nxt 2 sc, 2 sc in the nxt sc) repeating 10 times total, sl st to nxt sc to finish nicely, cut yarn leaving a long tail to sew to the head band. (40 sc)

To complete she folded each circle created in half, emcompassing the headband within. She then used the tail ends to secure them in place to the yarn she had previously wrapped the headband in.

Tester: Katherine/Mardi Gras Jester

Katherine used Impeccable yarn in purple, black, green, and golden. She then added a jingle bell to each tip! The cuteness in this photo….level 10!


Tester: Melissa/Monarch Butterfly

Melissa’s little peanut is wearing a collar and gloves created to mimic a Monarch butterfly. She used Caron Simply Soft in black, white, persimmon, and gold ombre. She opted for buttons instead of ties.

When she used the ombre, she just let the colors flow as they came for the panels of the collar! It turned out amazing and how cute is she!?

Finally she added white spots, she made two sizes; one with 6 sc in a magic ring and one with 20 sc in a magic ring. Her black veining is stitched on with a tapestry needle and black yarn!

Tester: Charity/Harley Quinn


So…all I can say is WOW! Charity created her collar in Red Heart Super Saver. She halved the colors for both the joins and the top edge. Each tip has a small white pom pom she created too! The gloves were worked with the SC end in one color and the HDC end in the other color and mirrored for each glove. She then crocheted a SMALL square, but sewed them on from tip to tip and…BAM…diamonds! To create the ruffle edge on the glove, after working the initial top edge round, she simply worked one more round in sc, then a second round working three double crochet in each sc! The mask is a free pattern and she found it courtesy of GoodKnits here:

Tester: Erin/Saw

Erin floored me with her idea! Saw! Created in black, and white, with a hint of red in the swirls and bowtie; she absolutely NAILED it! So much love for this one!

Much Love, Yarn, and Happy Halloween!


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