Pennywise Crochet Costume!


More to follow most definitely, but this creepy FULL CROCHET costume is fresh off my hooks and wanted to share!


Old School Version, well because he is scary level 100!

He is made based off of my Blank Canvas Onesie pattern here:

There is no pattern for Pennywise directly. He is made using the PLAIN blank canvas onesie pattern to which I altered and added to make him. 
Created over the course of one week using Caron Simply Soft
Yes, my baby loves dressing up & he gets ice cream as pay 
We go really *EXTRA* for Halloween around our house.
Even if it scares the pants off you, please don’t drop kick him¬†
Is it heavy? Not more than a blanket. Hot? Sometimes it snows on Halloween in my parts!
Can it be adult sized? Sure, the pattern is from 0/3M – Men’s XL! Create any size you wish!¬†

Much Love, Yarn, and Happy Halloween!


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