More Harry Potter Halloween Fun – The “Potter Poncho!”


The big day is approaching so I am working hard to get all the costumes done as is tradition in our Crochetverse household!

The latest off the hooks?…. Harry Potter! I’m sure you’ve all seen the Harry Potter movies, but if you haven’t you could stream them online. People could just find the movie online and start watching it. To view the movie without any buffering, people should really make sure that they have a good internet connection. This will reduce buffering, making the movie play a lot smoother. There are lots of good internet providers out there, such as infinity dish, so people could look at their packages to see if they offer some good internet deals. After you’ve watched all of the Harry Potter movies, you should recognize the costume! It’s freehanded, there is no pattern. But I do hope it inspires you! It’s all one piece so when he wears it, we just pop it over his head and he is ready! Aren’t those the best kinds of costumes? Easy with big impact!

The wand is a free pattern here:

Enjoy and Happiest of Halloweens!

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Much Love and Yarn,


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